Happy Parents

Student Name : Anish Dev Burman

“Sanchita has been an inspiration to me… My elder son, Anish wasn’t reading at all when he was 4.5 years old, I started Sanchita’s reading classes. After just a month, Anish started reading so well that he became the best reader in his class. Anish, moreover became very good in studies, she used to love my son as her own. The ternderness and caring attitude with which she approached my kid was unexplainable. Sanchita came to my rescue at a time when I needed help and support. Ever since she has been my friend, philosopher and guide”. – Parent

School : Sanskriti, Delhi
Class : 6

Student Name : Veeha Kanoi

“”Readers gonna read is a platform where the child is exposed to the world of language n words…. its just been two months n my daughter Veeha has started taking interest in words and have started reading… she enjoys going to the class and have a lot of fun there”.
– Parent

School : La Martiniere for Girls
Class : LKG

Student Name : Atharv Jalan

“Athrav has improved a lot since he has joined the class. He is always curious and ready to attend his reading class. He really has developed the liking for Reading and Sanchita Ma’am has really helped him a lot”. – Parent

School : La Martiniere for Boys
Class : I

Student Name : Aaratrika Ghuha

“Apart from playing Aaratrika’s second best activity is attending the Reading class. She not only enjoys the class but it has also helped her with her reading skills. She has started reading words independently in school,and lastly she is very fond of Sanchita ma’am”. – Parent

School : Our Lady Queen Of The Mission School
Class : Nursery

Student Name : Alankrita Das

“Alankrita always looks forward to reading class as Sanchita ma’am is her favourite and the classes are always fun, these classes gave her confidence to start reading on her own as well as mingle with her peers”. – Parent

Class : KG

Student Name : Darsh Bachhawat

“Darsh is a class 4 student who has always enjoyed reading, can actually kill a book a day.. his favourite author being Geronimo Stilton and MAC B.
i enrolled him in Reading class with Sanchita Ma’am from Readers Gonna Read on his insistence…. and believe me he loves going for the class and enjoys being with Ma’am…. if your child reads, they will succeed—- it’s that simple.” – Parent

School : La Martiniere for Boys
Class : IV

Student Name : Archismann Sarkar

“We are very much Happy that you organize this beautiful teaching process. Archismann follow your class properly and also love to attend your class. He is developing day by day. Your class is truly effective. We appreciate your effort and also encourage for your interactive methods”. – Parent

School : Birla High School, Mukundapur
Class : I

Student Name : Demiraa Saraogi

“Demiraa really enjoys going to the reading class with Sanchita Ma’am. Initially I was a little sceptical as she is only 2 years 3 months but Ma’am assured that the class will set up a foundation for later independent reading and better understanding. It’s been over a month and I already see many positive changes in my child. Thank you for your time and patience with her”. – Parent

School : Busy Ants
Age : 2 years 3 months

Student Name : Archisman Manna

“Three months ago Archisman had a big problem reading in English. After his admission in Readers Gonna Read, I see a huge difference. Full credit goes to Sanchita Ma’am. Now he is trying to read on his own and his spellings have also improved. Ma’am gives full effort while teaching him and improving his reading skills.His progress makes me confident that within next few months my son will be an excellent reader and he will read all his books and story books with lot of confidence.He loves to attend his class and he also enjoys his class.He loves Sanchita Ma’am a lot”. – Parent

School : Birla High School, Mukundapur
Class : I

Student Name : Mayra Kejriwal

“when your child looks forward to the class…. it’s clear that she is definitely enjoying the whole learning procedure. I am very happy sending Mayra, I see the growth evidently!”. – Parent

School : La Martiniere For Girls
Class : KG

Student Name : Veehana Kothari

“My daughter Vihaan Kothari, has shown a great deal of improvement in concentration. She has started getting  very well acquainted with Reading, writing and shows a lot of keen in attending the class at Readers Gonna Read
Thank you Mam..” – Parent

School : La Martiniere for Girls
Class : Nursery

Student Name : Reyansh Sarmah

“It has been a little more than a month since my son Reyansh has joined
Sanchita Madam’s reading classes in Open House, Salt Lake…My son
faced problems while reading in school…In last one month I have
noticed significant improvements in his reading ability. And the most
important part is he enjoys his reading classes and looks forward for
the classes every week..”. – Parent

School : Birla High  School, Mukundapur
Class : I

Student Name : Aditya Goswami

“All the best . And can vouch for all you say in the advertorial … Aditya is a great reader from such tender age is because of you and an excellent grasp on his spelling till date..” – Parent

School : The Heritage School
Class : 8


Student Name : Mayank Sahani

“Hello, this is Mayanks Father and it is nice to learn my son is indeed enjoying the classes here. I have noticed another significant change in him as he has begun improving his English conversation and oral skills with time. Such improvements are appreciable”. – Parent

School : Birla High School, Mukundapur
Class : 1

Student Name : Purav Ruia

“Purab was never very fond of reading but I always pushed him for reading. He used to enjoy reading only few of his favourite Indian authors but thanks to Ma’am Ghosh,he has started reading varied authors.
I hope his inclination towards reading increases with time”. – Parent

School : La Martiniere for Boys
Class : 5